Tinder in Munich #2: Why So Many People Suck at Online Dating

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Photo by Alistair MacRobert

You finally downloaded Tinder and want to find dates in Munich, there is a small problem though. You suck at dating. There are good news though, you don’t have to suck. It’s normal to be nervous or lack ideas, so i‘ll help you out with these simple tips on how to improve your dating skills and what to avoid.

1. You don’t like the concept of online dating

It used to be frowned upon finding dates online, but times have changed. Many people simply do not have time to find dates the traditional way and rely on dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble or OkCupid. Online dating is modern and normal.

2. Your Tinder profile is too boring and simple

Your profile text is the second most important thing on your Tinder profile. You can’t leave it blank, but you shouldn’t write an essay either. It needs to be unique but fit your personality. Everyone likes to travel so don’t add that unless you’re asked and don’t fill it up with emojis. Add your hobbies, your favorite TV show and how many pets you have. Something that describes you in three to five sentences.

3. You hate texting on dating apps and this is a dealbreaker

Once you match with someone you don’t go on a date right away. You’ll have to build chemistry and if you don’t like texting, then you won’t build anything. Your match doesn’t want to meet a stranger. Also, you’ll have something to talk about once you meet in person.

4. You choose boring first date locations

You finally set up a date, congratulations! The next problem is the location. Let’s solve this problem right away because it doesn’t have to be difficult. Many people believe that the first date should be at a restaurant for some reason. This is not the greatest idea because you’ll be facing each other until the food arrives and up till that point, you have to fill the awkward silence with boring small talk.

  • A walk by the Lake Starnberg is not only beautiful but you don’t have to sit down and wait for food in a restaurant. You can enjoy each other’s presence and watch the beautiful scenery. Also, you can always depart if you feel uncomfortable without having to wait for the bill.

  • If you do decide on wanting to eat with your date you could take them on a picnic date at Olympiapark. The sunset has a respectable reputation and you can show off your cooking skills by bringing delicious food.

  • Surfing in Munich is also possible at the Eisbach Wave. Not only is it entertaining, but you can join in on the fun as well.

  • If you’re into music, I would definitely recommend the Nachtkantine. Here you can dance away. This place also has live music with dance performances.

5. Group photos are messy and bad for your Tinder game

Now we come to the most important part of Tinder and any dating app. Your profile picture. Don’t use a group picture as your profile picture. Your potential date wants to know which one you are. Your profile picture is your business card and investing in a good one attracts people. As a photographer, I’ve seen too many pictures with the wrong lighting, location, poses, facial expression and angles. A person can transform in a picture and showcase their best aspects.

If you’re still struggling with finding dates or creating the perfect profile picture in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona & Madrid, you can contact me at hi@datingphotos.net.

Guest article by Charlotte

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